Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ajaran Islam Jamaah Oleh Nurhasan Al Ubaidah Lubis Diharamkan di Malaysia

New Straits Times

THE Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS) is monitoring nine deviant groups — all but one have been banned — that it suspects are operating in the state. The department has issued fatwa against their teachings.

1. The teachings of Banuar Roslan

Leader: Banuar Roslan, 63, from Batu Pahat, Johor, who is a traditional healer with education up to Standard Six at a Malay school.

Description: Based in Kampung Bukit Kapar, Klang. Conducts "healing" sessions, especially for women, which contain sexual elements. A JAIS official says one ritual involves bathing ceremonies where the patient is asked to strip down to her underwear, earning the group’s leader the nickname of "Bikini Banuar".

Fatwa issued: July 20, 2000
Gazetted: July 5, 2001

2. Hassan Jonit’s knowledge of truth teachings

Leader: Hassan Jonit, 73, from Malacca, who lives in Ampang. He was educated at a religious school in Johor, and up to Standard Three at a Malay school in Malacca.

Description: Now based in Batu Arang, Rawang, the group was formed about 15 years ago. Hassan claims of being able to meet God and the Prophet, and that he is able to govern his followers’ dreams.

Fatwa issued: March 23, 1998
Gazetted: Sept 24, 1998

3. The Qadiani Group

Leader: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, who founded the group in 1889.

Description: Selangor’s oldest deviant group, the name Qadiani is taken from Qadian, the village in India where Mirza was born. The group came to the country in the 1930s, and is based in Jeram, Kuala Selangor. In 1953, a debate between the group and an ulama was held, witnessed by the Sultan of Selangor. The group was declared as having left Islam. Among the group’s deviant traits:

• Mirza’s claim of being a prophet as well as the Imam Mahdi;
• That the haj can be performed in Qadian, India; and,
• Making alterations to the verses in the Quran.

Fatwa issued: Nov 25, 1975
Gazetted: Sept 24, 1998

4. The teachings of Tijah @ Khatijah Ali

Leader: Khatijah Ali, 53, from Kuala Besut, Terengganu, who lives in Puchong.

Description: Khatijah received instructions from pondok religious schoolteachers. Among her teachings’ deviant traits:

• Regards the words of Sufi leaders as Hadith; and,
• Performs the religious act of zikir to the extent of reaching a trance-like state.

Fatwa issued: Feb 12, 1998
Gazetted: Sept 24, 1998

5. Tarikat Samaniah Ibrahim Bonjol

Leader: Indonesian Ibrahim Abdullah, better known as Ibrahim Bonjol, who was born in the 1920s in Sumatra. He died in 1991.

Description: Ibrahim was a supporter of D.N. Aidid, who led the Indonesian Communist Party. Ibrahim visited Malaya in 1935 and managed to lure a number of VIPs. When Ibrahim failed to obtain a visa to enter Malaysia some decades later, he tried to get his followers to attack the Malaysian consulate in Medan, Sumatra. In Selangor, three centres were set up to cater for the Cheras, Petaling Jaya and Sepang areas. Among the group’s deviant traits:

• Regards the Quran as being merely a historical record; and,
• Claims that prayers can be done by the expression of intent (niat).

Fatwa issued: Jan 19, 1998
Gazetted: Sept 24, 1998

6. The teachings of Islam Jamaah

Leader: Indonesian Nurhasan Al Ubaidah Lubis, who was born in 1948.

Description: The group believes that only its followers are Muslims and that everyone else is infidel.

Fatwa issued: Feb 12, 1998
Gazetted: Sept 24, 1998

7. Kahfi Youth Movement

Leader: Unknown

Description: Believed to have ties with a deviant sect from Indonesia known as the Negara Islam Indonesia. The group targets young professionals and conducts Quran classes. Their aim is to create a "true" Islamic government in the country. The group is being investigated by JAIS and the police.

8. Rufaqa

Leader: Not available

Description: Authorities believe there is an attempt to revive the deviant teachings of the banned al-Arqam group by individuals linked to Rufaqa Corporation Sdn Bhd. Run by former al-Arqam members, the company denies any involvement although several states including Selangor, Malacca and Negri Sembilan have issued fatwa banning Rufaqa’s teachings due to their similarities with al-Arqam.

Fatwa issued: Dec 10, 2006
Gazetted: Date not available

9. The Kahar Ahmad Group

Leader: Kahar Ahmad, 56, from Hulu Klang, who was educated up to Standard Five at a Malay school. He was given religious lessons by his father, the imam of the Hulu Klang mosque. Among the group’s deviant traits:

• Kahar’s claims to be a prophet; and,
• Does not believe that Muslims are obliged to pray five times daily since "prayer" can be performed merely by doing good deeds and refraining from speaking bad things.

Fatwa issued: March 28, 1991
Gazetted: Aug 29, 1991